Find out where you can get discounts and incentives when you Bring-Your-Own containers!

What Is DabaoRight?

“Dabao” refers to getting your food to-go. To DabaoRight is to Bring-Your-Own (BYO) reusable containers, utensils and bags when taking away food.

Join us in our movement to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable Singapore.

Why Is It Important To DabaoRight?

In 2019, ~ 20 million kilograms of waste generated in Singapore were from food disposables. That’s enough to fill up 400 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Declining single-use disposables and using your own containers means contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem, with less waste and trash produced in Singapore.

Can I Make a Difference?

Of course! Every saved disposable counts.

Not only do we reduce the amount of waste generated, when you DabaoRight, you also support local merchants who have taken the initiative to be part of the solution.

Our Team

DabaoRight is a movement encouraging Bring-Your-Own (BYO) behaviour in Singapore. We are six every-day Singaporean volunteers who aim to make new eco-habits more convenient for everyday people.